Teamcoaching & executive coaching

Brings energy, good relations and result

Strengthen selfsteering teams and organisations with leadership, ownership and supporting frames or regulations.

Facilitation of deep reflections as sparring partner or executive coach.

Facilitation of dialogue and getting unstuck in big or small groups.

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With the coaching from Prins in Communication I gained new insight through which I consider my work to be less stresful. The collaboration with collesgues has improved and since my work is more efficient. It also had a positive impact on my personal live. :- )

In short time Djura helped me to learn about leadership, roles and the colors of different personalities. Coaching has not only given insight but also concrete strategies to develope my guidance of PhD's and my leadership.

- Simon van Maurik - Wageningen Research

In the facilitation of Samen Wageningen over 50 parties build relations and at the same time they were helped to find direction. Select themes and framing of the proces was facilitated by asking the right questions.

- Anita Wiersinga, Municipality of Wageningen -

You managed to facilitate transparancy in working with a big group. Work with explicit criteria, give explicit mandate, and give feedback were crucial in this communication proces. This enhanced trust in a big group. Important was the on the way adjustment of the approach to needs in the proces. It was a quick learning proces based on the experience, feedback and consultations. This was very impressive.

- Elsje van de Weg Thuis Wageningen -

You mirror the group in a factual way without any judgement. When people asked during one of the massive meetings who would take notes, and noone answered you said: "So we won't have any notes tonight". At the start this was new and required adjustment, later on this turned out to be important to leaf onwnership with the parties that were trying to explore this massive collaboration. This approach was strong because of it's simplicity. It was also visible in how you dressed: no ties, 4 very different women, simplicity and peace in contact with the group, no digital means used, respect for those present and a good balance between empathy and authority. 

- Machteld Speets Vrijwilligers Centrale -

The teamcoaching of the middlemanagement has brought us a lot. I had just started a new job in a new prison, and we experienced all a lot of distrust. The first session, when the research results were presented was very confrontational, and we experienced concern and motivation to improve. The coaching was very pleasant; in the beginning strickt and clear and you were not afraid to we straightforward to people.

- Exployee at DJI -

(in our proces to enhance clear roles in our acquisitionproces) Djura brought energy. Roles in acquisition are now part of our awareness and conversations. We clearly discuss expectations between teamleader and teammembers.

- Wageningen Research Alterra -

We experienced Djura as a good listener that could relate well to the group of media activists from different places in Europe. In a short time she created an atmosphere of trust and openess which enhanced discussing the conflict that we wanted to address.

- Vivian Paulissen ECF DOCNEXT - 

Djura is consultant with a deep and thorough approach. She enhances a thorough dialogue to come to a vision and a concrete programme. She invites groups to exchange what is important to them. This is an important basis from which bottom up projects can come about.

- Waterschap Rijn en IJssel -