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Beyond Connection

Beyond Connection
Me & You in the Dynamics of Collaboration

Course consisting of four workshops, intervision and four individual coaching sessions

In the course ‘Beyond Connection’ we focus on dynamics that are at play when people, groups or (project)teams meet and connect across disciplines within or outside our organisation. This course provides additions to the more rational and analytical capacities used when collaborating.

Why this course?

In a scientific environment people are trained to develop rational, analytical and critical thinking. In working with others more emotional and intuitive elements influence us and determine our success. Access to one’s emotional intelligence enhances connections among people, their knowledge and creativity, and it facilitates innovative ideas to come up. You need emotional intelligence especially in complex situations, calling for your resilience and flexibility. It is relevant to you when you engage in solving wicked problems across different disciplinary knowledge fields. Increased emotional intelligence can enhance collaborations and strengthen the position of your team, project or the organisation you are working in. This course is useful to any professional within Wageningen University and Research.

Is this course for you?

The dynamics inside yourselves and in interaction with others influence and determine your choices and opportunities to take a collaborative and authentic attitude in your work. Do you miss the guts to be authentic when collaborating? Do you have the idea you could be more effective? This course offers you insights in root causes and alternative choices at a personal and interpersonal level.

Collaboration in teams, projects and programmes takes more time and energy since it requires communication, moving along, commitment and a specific mind set. Do you often experience stress, a loss of energy, ineffectiveness or resistance in collaboration? This course helps you to overcome obstacles like these by offering you practical supportive real life learning experiences.

Prins in Communicatie is het bedrijf van Djura Prins. Samenwerken past bij de visie van het bedrijf. In verschillende projecten en trainingen werk ik samen met andere adviseurs en organisaties.

Intervisie netwerk Organisational Role Analysis

Flow in Training and Facilitation; " Leer participatie begeleiden met Lef."

Alumnivereniging Coaching Consulting in Context - secretaris

Verder deel ik kantoor, ervaring en plezier met Gerda Wink, Winkworks, Bijzonder Creatief, Emmy Hagenaars, en Keete Voerman, Mixed Methods.